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You know how you're like "Oh, I just need one more little thing for Sheila" every holiday season? Well, these knockout items below are great holiday add-ons! And while window shopping click the image to BUY IT NOW! So good, right?

Plain and simple, POOLTRADESHOW brands are meant for gift giving season.  It’s here where you can really tap into the unique favorites and likes of all of your friends and family to find the perfect gift. POOL brands all have a unique way of looking at life.  It’s about expressions, vision, voice.

It’s easy to identify with a certain type of girl; girls have been doing it ever since they were little.  Real or fiction, Barbie or Baby Spice, Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn and the list goes on.  Embodying a specific persona is inevitable in the way we dress.  So for the holidays, to make your shopping experience a snap, we have tapped into some popular style icons direct from our brands: The Visionary, The Social Butterfly, The World Traveler, The Fitness Guru, and The Glam Goddess.