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Wednesday, January 29 2014

What was once reserved for hungover frat boys is now becoming a worldwide trend! Graphic tees have toned down sophisticated looks and given us a relaxed aesthetic.

Monday, January 27 2014

So if you were watching the Grammy's last night, you might have been underwhelmed, performance and fashion wise. It seems like 'music's biggest night' didn't pack a punch like it normally does and that saddens us a little bit. The carpet seemed a little  bare as some of music's biggest names weren't there.

Thursday, January 23 2014

What should be an absolute staple in everyone's wardrobe is a clean, crisp collared shirt. Women can go a head and add a shirt dress to their list as well.

Thursday, January 16 2014

Fringe has come and gone, and come and gone, and now it's here again! This once flower child, 70s staple is now seen on some of the most stylish women on the streets. It's being used as an embellishment on almost everything! From coats to dresses to skirts to shoes and bags. It's really a simple technique that can add a little fun to any outfit.

In terms of seasons, I think my favorite would have to be the Red Carpet season! The stars align and all our favorite celebrities get walk down the carpet in stunning wardrobe choices and for those of us that can't afford all the couture, we get to see all our favorite designers.

Sunday, January 12 2014

We predicted this trend earlier last year with our "Candy Coated" On Trend piece and we were sooo right. Pink coats have been everywhere this season and we still heart them.

Wednesday, January 08 2014

Oh la la... What was once reserved for the bedroom is now out in the open for all eyes to see! It's true that we all have a bit of voyeurism in us and we're picking up what you're putting down!

Thursday, January 02 2014

We're very excited to welcome Iron Fist back to the WWDMAGIC floor this season! This brand is full of spunk and personality and is definitely one you're not going to want to miss come February. We took a moment to learn a little more about them...scroll down and take a peek inside their world!