You Know What I Think? With Alex Badia

You Know What I Think? With Alex Badia

Tuesday, November 08 2016

WWD's Fashion Director, Alex Badia was back in action this season alongside CEO and Founder of MATTE BLACK, Chelsea Matthews giving us the inside scoop of whats hot, and even better, what's not for this upcoming season! Check out the video below to see how frayed denim, the chocker, pj's in public, velvet boots, and folk vibes will translate into street fashion like you've never seen before. 


The Punks in the 80's introduced something called do it yourself and that changed everything, and denim is now becoming some kind of funnel from that era. Alex Badia talks about his love for frayed denim and how this is the comeback season for denim. 

The 90's are back, and they are coming in hard. It is kind of like the evolution of the choker, who doesn't love Jennifer Aniston on Friends in the 90's? Alex Badia talks how a simple detail like this one can pull your outfit together from head to toe. 

Cotton it's great, oversize it's great, prints are great, silk be careful (it's not your honeymoon) and please stay away from pastel colors in silk. Alex Badia gives you all the details about the do's and dont's of wearing your pj's on the streets. 

This is the 60's being the 90's, you just need to own it and walk it like you mean it. Alex Badia tells us how he really feels about this velvet trend. 

You wear it, and it is a full on story about who you are. From the Baltics to the streets, Alex Badia talks about the glory of embellished folkloric wear. 

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