Women's Fashion Trends S/S 2015: Alternative Vintage, Subculture and Pin-Up

Women's Fashion Trends S/S 2015: Alternative Vintage, Subculture and Pin-Up

Tuesday, October 28 2014

Without a doubt, subculture is a growing category within junior and womenswear. As trend forecasters, we’ve started to refer to subculture as “counter culture.” Unlike other areas of womenswear, sub/counter culture trends have a longer lifecycle. Patterns and colors might receive an update, but ultimately the silhouettes and styles remain the same, especially if they’re already bestsellers.


Unique Vintage, one of WWDMAGIC’s premiere, vintage-inspired subculture vendors, excellently captured counter culture elements in their line. Check out the video interview with their lead designer!

Here are the key elements found in this year’s “Culture Remix”:


1. Disco shimmer leggings mixed with vintage T’s

2. Dark horse-themed motifs

3. Corsets reworked to incorporate rose-colored hardware

4. Patina effects on taffeta skirts

5. Steampunk reinvention of Victorian elements with advanced engineered fabrics

6. Bustle skirts with a leather fit

7. Flare dresses with yarn embroidery borders

8. Slim-fit pencil skirts with sizzling hot slits showing off the leg

9. '40s pinup style translated into modern day sex symbols; powerful women who are not afraid of their feminine power.

10. Raw denim, including cuffed, high-waisted overalls (full length and capris)

It’s important to note that while youth (juniors) cultures from days past are growing up, they’re still participating in the counter-culture movements in the forms of punk, gothic, and rock style. Generation X (also known as millennials) refuse (and thus rebel) to move away from their adolescent counter-culture scene merely because they are getting older. In other words, they are fiercely loyal, allowing brands to take advantage and address these needs in their marketing strategies.

Photos:  Instagram Influencer @TessMunster + Unique Vintage

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