ON TREND: Pressed

ON TREND: Pressed

Thursday, January 23 2014

Side Images: OASAP.COM | Equipment
Middle Images: ACNE | Le Happy | Catherine Malandrino | Chic Nova | Pinterest

What should be an absolute staple in everyone's wardrobe is a clean, crisp collared shirt. Women can go a head and add a shirt dress to their list as well.

Collared shirts have been around since… well forever. They can be dressed up, down, sideways, and upside down. They give that air of professionalism when ironed and starched or relaxed, easy look with a few wrinkles; either way it'll show that you know what you're doing. A printed shirt/dress will really add some flare to your wardrobe as will an embellished collar or cuffs. It's really a no brainer why these pieces would constantly be a trend.

Whether you opt for a crisp neutral or a crazy embellished print, you'll look stylish and all knowing in your shirt/dress.