ON TREND: Midi Skirts

ON TREND: Midi Skirts

Thursday, November 28 2013

First and last images : WGSN | Middle images: GlassworksWGSN | Koshka | Harpers Bazaar | Pinterest

MIDI MIDI BOM BOM! It's midi madness out here! If you've left your house for any reason at all within the past year, chances are you've seen a young girl in a midi skirt.

Midi skirts come in two shapes, all sizes, colors, and aesthetics. The two most popular shapes are the circle skirt and the pencil skirt, both equally amazing. Typically a midi skirt with with just below the knee or mid calf, which elongates the body for a chic look. This skirt is just so darn versatile that we see them with slits, embroidery, made out of leather and even lace. If you're a self named fashionista and you don't own a midi skirt, we're calling your credibility into question! (joking!) But seriously, a midi skirt is something you should have in your closet, at least one if not ten!

Get to twirlin' and pick yourself up another midi skirt!