On Trend: Crochet

On Trend: Crochet

Tuesday, April 08 2014

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With Coachella around the corner, make sure you have your outfits on point to stand out in the crowd of fashionistos and fashionistas.

One festival trend that everyone can get on board with is crochet. With its lightweight, barley there feel, crochet is a festival favorite for its bohemian look. Another great thing about crochet is that it comes in all different forms, from a tightly knitted together crop top, to a loose stitched dress. Every crocheted piece, no matter how tight or loose the stitch is, creates a beautiful, one of a kind pattern that's sure to set you apart. This is a trend that celebrities (like Kate Bosworth and Vanesa Hudgens) to just your average festival goer has embraced.

Plus, crochet makes for a cute pool cover up so if you don't plan on going into the festival itself, you can still look fabulous at all the parties!