ON TREND: Boudoir

ON TREND: Boudoir

Wednesday, January 08 2014

Side images: FaceHunter | No Sin Mi Visa
Middle images: Bella Bella Boutique | Alice + Olivia | FaceHunter | Versace | Altuzarra

Oh la la... What was once reserved for the bedroom is now out in the open for all eyes to see! It's true that we all have a bit of voyeurism in us and we're picking up what you're putting down!

Now more than ever, we're seeing all types of madame's gracing the streets in barely there pieces, lace, straps, and exposed bras! What started with the popularization of 50s pinups has turned into a full blown trend. Please don't rule this out though if you're more on the conservative side; They're are plenty of options for you to choose from! Of course the more risqué women look like they just stepped out of the bedroom, but there are also the women that opted for more edgier looks with leather skirts and jackets. If you still want a little more coverage there is always the silky slip dress that'll have you covered in the necessary places, but have you looking bedtime ready.

It's a bit chilly right now, but as soon as it heats up we encourage you to embrace you're inner siren and show the world what you're made of... literally!