Seven Mobile Apps That Fashion Brands Must Know

Seven Mobile Apps That Fashion Brands Must Know

Tuesday, October 21 2014

Visual web, mobile commerce, and changes in the ways consumers are using technology to shop is top-of-mind for many retailers. In order to shed some light, we've created an overview of seven of the most important video, photos, mobile and social e-commerce apps that are currently impacting fashion and beauty brands' sales and marketing strategies. Here they are: 

1. Spring

Described as the Instagram for shopping,” Spring is a mobile shopping app that enables users to “follow” their favorite brands and browse through a feed of items to either “love” or purchase. Once you’ve saved your credit card information into the app (think Uber), making a purchase is as easy as a swipe. Fun fact: Amazon has a patent for single-click buying, hence why Spring uses the swipe feature. Download: Website, iOS App Store

2. Instagram Video

Instagram’s video feature allows brands to create 15 second videos with a filter overlay to create a camera-ready effect. This feature enables brands to further engage Instagram followers on the platform. Rag & Bone, for example, created a commercial-like video of Winona Ryder and Michael Pitt to promote it’s Fall 2014 campaign. To promote it’s SoHo store location, the brand created a how-to video for making a Spring collection-inspired cocktail.  Download: Website, iOS, Android


3. Hyperlapse

Released only a few months ago, Hyperlapse is Instagram’s standalone app that allows brands to create timelapse videos—videos that display longer form content at super-speeds. Typically a rather expensive process, Hyperlapse is the Instagram version of Steadicam. Just as the fashion industry has readily adopted Instagram photos and videos, the same applies to Hyperlapse, which has already been used by the likes of Vogue and Badgley Mischka. Download: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

4. VSCOcam

Similar to and compatible with Instagram, VSCO Cam is a photography app that allows users to filter, post, find, and curate photos into “grids” or photo albums. Compared to Instagram, VSCO Cam centers on being a platform for high-end photography, taking a minimalist approach to social engagement (there’s no place to like or comment on photos). VSCO Cam’s fashion roster includes the likes of Nike, Gap, Levi’s, and Warby Parker. Download: Website, iOS, Android


5. Steller

A visual enhancement app for Instagram, Steller allows brands to repurpose Instagram content into shareable multi-page stories that are full of images, videos, and even iPhone texts. One brand creatively using Steller is Urban Outfitters. The brand uses stories to indirectly show off its products, creating stories about food, hair, costumes, and interior design. In one of its most recent stories, Urban Outfitters shows customers how to create their own DIY Halloween Cat Garland. Laid out in a magazine-type format, the brand uses Steller to show customers how to creatively integrate Urban Outfitters into their style. Download: Website, iOS

6. What’s App

A free, cross-platform messaging app, What’s App appeals to customers and brands alike because you can send messages to any type of phone—without paying a dime! Fashion brands like Cartier, Armani, Diesel, and Kenneth Cole have used What’s App to reach and directly communicate with customers on a global scale. Ultimately, the app enables brands to promote their products on a more personal level.  Download: Website, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia


7. Snapchat

As the third most popular social app for 18 to 34-year-olds and a userbase of over 30 million people, Snapchat allows users to send each other pictures and montages that last anywhere from a few seconds to 24 hours. Rebecca Minkoff uses Snapchat provide its customers an inside look at its upcoming collections, such as its 2014 Spring Collection. Meanwhile, Free People uses the platform to directly speak to customers, asking and answering questions in a trivia-like format. Download: Website, iOS, Android


(Images courtesy of Shutterstock)