PROJECT WOMENS | Fun in Florals

PROJECT WOMENS | Fun in Florals

Friday, April 01 2016

Spring is the perfect time to show off color and pattern - especially florals. Whether it’s a civilized brunch or wild night on the town, it’s the season to get out and get going! But what to wear when you're out and about? Because we are loving florals this spring, we have brought you some of our favorites from PROJECT WOMENS brands to give you that perfect look for a lot of those Springtime Adventures.

Featured Brands:  Yumi Kim  |  Finders Keepers  |  Keepsake  |  Star Mela  |  Closet. London

Scroll through the occasions below and shop the looks by clicking on the images.  And catch all the brands at PROJECT WOMENS in August for the in-person scoop!

--- BRUNCH ---

Shop the Looks:

Top Left: Keepsake - Acoustic Lace Top
Top Middle: Yumi Kim - Enchanted Silk Dress
Top Right: Closet. London - Jacquard Full Skirt Dress

Bottom Left: Closet. London - Watercolour Floral Drape Skirt Kimono Dress
Bottom Middel: Yumi Kim - Drift Away Kimono Romper
Bottom Right: Star Mela - Pinki Clutch


--- PICNIC/BBQ ---

Shop the Looks:

Top Left: Closet. London - Bouquet Floral Midi Belted Dress
Top Middle: Keepsake - Acoustic Lace Tunic Dress
Top Right: Finders Keepers - Aerial Love Skirt

Bottom Left: Finders Keepers - Aerial Love Dress
Bottom Middel: Yumi Kim - Jet Set Romper
Bottom Right: Star Mela - Perle Clutch



Shop the Looks:

Top Left: Star Mela - Pabla Emb Dress
Top Middle: Yumi Kim - One of a Kind Romper
Top Right: Star Mela - Rosa Emb Kaftan

Bottom Left: Star Mela - Avi Emb S/Dress
Bottom Middel: Yumi Kim - Tulum Kaftan
Bottom Right: Star Mela - Tiki Clutch



Shop the Looks:

Top Left: Yumi Kim - Astoria Silk Dress
Top Middle: Keepsake - In Motion Dress
Top Right: Closet. London - Blue Floral Belted Skater Dress

Bottom Left: Keepersake - No Secrets Dress
Bottom Middel: Yumi Kim - Date Night Silk Dress
Bottom Right: Keepsake - Acoustic Lace Dress



Shop the Looks:

Top Left: Yumi Kim - Moni Shorts
Top Middle: Finders Keepers - Broadway Pant
Top Right: Yumi Kim - Best Day Lace Romper

Bottom Left: Yumi Kim - Griffin Silk Top
Bottom Middel: Yumi Kim - Jet Set Romper
Bottom Right: Star Mela - Tipi Purse


And let's take it into night... because why not?

Shop the Looks:

Top Left: Yumi Kim - Ring a Bell Lave Dress
Top Middle: Keepsake - No Secrets Romper
Top Right: Yumi Kim - Rush Hour Silk Maxi

Bottom Left: Finders Keepers - Fly Away Dress
Bottom Middel: Yumi Kim - Date Night Silk Dress
Bottom Right: Keepsake - Say My Name Lace Dress


August 15-17, 2016
Mandalay Bay Convention Center  |  @projectshow