PROJECT Women's: Conscious Collection Showcase

PROJECT Women's: Conscious Collection Showcase

Tuesday, February 09 2016

A destination for making a difference with a unique collection of designers making a substancial effort to improve their world ethically, environmentally and philanthropically.  Our Conscious Collections support education, job creation, sustainable practices, health, nutrition, water and initiatives for women, children, animals and social justice.

Check out what we saw in February from the Conscious Collections Showcase, highlighting looks from some of the most sought-after brands from the sustainable fashion movement.  And red below for each brand's story and how they are keeping it conscious.


Bauxo | Booth 17288
-Butik Showroom-
Proud partners of The Bali Children’s Project, an organization in Ubud educating Bali’s children in an effort to end poverty.


Half United | Booth 17302
Half United creates jobs with local Haiti Artisans and with every product purchased they give 7 meals to children in need in the USA, Fiji, Haiti and Cambodia.


Liberty Garden | Booth 17267
Your purchase funds a lifesaving treatment for someone in need.   Buy One Piece.  Change One Life.


Me to We | Booth 17288
-Butik Showroom-
Working hand in hand with local artisans in Kenya, each piece is handmade with love by a woman who is empowered to earn sustainable income through her work, provide for her family and become a leader in her community.


N: Philanthropy | Booth 12260
-NICASA Showroom-
A fashion collection with a mission.  N:Philanthropy donates 10% of their net proceeds to pediatric cancer research and animal welfare.


Groceries Apparel | Booth 16274
Future of the Industry.  Focusing on human empowerment, organic and recycled ingredients, and local, fair and responsible manufacturing, Groceries Apparel represents a new standard for the apparel industry.