Interview with Iron Fist

Interview with Iron Fist

Thursday, January 02 2014

We're very excited to welcome Iron Fist back to the WWDMAGIC floor this season! This brand is full of spunk and personality and is definitely one you're not going to want to miss come February. We took a moment to learn a little more about them...scroll down and take a peek inside their world!

How would you define the Iron Fist customer?
Glitterpunks, fun loving individuals who love all things shiny and bright.

How has Iron Fist evolved since you first created the concept for the brand?
The original concept was built around skate and mens streetwear, but when our ladies product grew at an exponential rate it altered things quite drastically. Not in a negative way, but we found ourselves having to adapt the business to a more female centric culture as opposed to mens. Now we're trying to find a happy balance as we introduce our Gender Neutral collection for Fall 14 which embraces fun styles that can be worn by anyone.

What and/or who inspires the designs for the Iron Fist brand?
Youth, pop culture, music, art and the endless pursuit of happiness.

What has shocked you most on your journey through creating and building a brand?
Once you get on this high speed train, it's very difficult to slow down or get off. There are a lot of moving parts to manage and coordinate in all aspects of the business.

What are your future plans for Iron Fist? Where do you hope to see the brand go?
Flagship stores and to further establish our global presence!