HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Every Type of Girl from PROJECT

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Every Type of Girl from PROJECT

Tuesday, November 17 2015

Fill out that shopping list of yours with pieces from C/MEO COLLECTIVE, Private Party and more find your favorites for the holiday

C/MEO COLLECTIVE - “The Visionary”

C/MEO COLLECTIVE’s vision is to supply experimental designs to dictate future tastes.  Incorporating directional prints, premium fabrics and bold silhouettes into all of their designs, C/MEO COLLECTIVE pushes the boundaries of fashion.  So for those always in search of the new & the next, give that visionary girl what she asks for.  You can’t go wrong with C/MEO COLLECTIVE.

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PRIVATE PARTY - “The Social Butterfly”

Two words: Viral Apparel.  Private Party gives nods to trending topics in pop culture and puts them into words.  Literally.  Using high contrasting colors and edgy designs with a fresh, quirky sense of humor, Private Party is the life of the party that enables its wearers to express themselves on all their favorite subjects.  With a multitude of styles, for even babies or your pooch, join the party with Private Party and give that social butterfly friend of yours a gift that is sure to make them giggle a little or at the very least put a smile on their face.


MAISON SCOTCH - “The World Traveler”

Maison Scotch is the sister collection of Scotch & Soda that, while drawing inspirations from all over the globe like its brother, celebrates it all from a woman’s perspective. Most recently, Maison Scotch views the world through the eyes of Lola, a girl living in Amsterdam who surrounds herself with treasures from around the world.  Let your feet run away with you this winter and encourage that world traveler you know to do the same with a gift from Maison Scotch.

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Follow Lola’s story here and discover her style.

NUX - “The Fitness Guru”

This one’s for the fitness gurus out there; get ready to be inspired!  Plain and simple, NUX’s single goal and vision is to evoke inspiration from all of its customers. NUX uses vibrant patterns and fabrics with functional design to make every woman stay active to their full potential while still looking stylish.  Let’s face it, we work out to feel great, and feeling great starts with looking fabulous.  This holiday season, help your friends and family with an active soul feel inspired with the gift of activewear from NUX.

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MELANIE AULD - “The Glam Goddess”

Meant to be layered and lived in all day every day, its Melanie Auld’s mission to create killer jewelry that women love.  Whether you’re into gold or silver, shimmer or sparkle or anything in between, there’s a style for every gal out there. So when it comes the time to make your holiday shopping list this season, be sure to give that glamour goddess in your life a piece from Melanie Auld.  After all, diamonds (or jewelry in general) is a girl’s best friend, right?

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