Guest Book: Day Two: Sabrina

Guest Book: Day Two: Sabrina

Wednesday, February 19 2014

Inspiration everywhere today! We started off with the most beautiful morning! Coffee, breakfast and sweet rays of sunshine! It's almost like I forgot what warmth felt like… I just wanted to bask in it all day… but then I remembered MAGIC! Let's GO!

First we started off with a panel on trends in winter wear. Things that I love: color and texture. I picked a few pieces that were fun shapes and colors to try to brighten up my mood in the winter months.

All Jackets from Deep or Shallow's brand- Ju's.

On the floor at MAGIC is thrilling and exhausting at the same time. Your feet and legs hate you, but your eyes are wide in excitement! These booties from Chinese Laundry had me swooning! I love the light colored leather and the stacked heel.

The combination of cute shoes and walking the floor all day can lead to really tired feet. Fashion First Aid had the cure for anything we needed! They provided me with blister cures and gel inserts for my little booties. Genius. I'm telling you. Genius.


Happy feet= Happy blogger. We stopped by the Emerging Designers Showcase to check out some amazing talents and their collections. I could go on FOREVER about each of the designers I met so I am going to save that for tomorrow! For now here is a "Behind the Scenes" photo from the adventures of Sabrina and Sam (Sambrina)!! We definitely cut at least 4 people to get this bag of popcorn.

Thanks Chinese Laundry!