Guest Book: Day Two: Mai

Guest Book: Day Two: Mai

Wednesday, February 19 2014
Hi again!

I had some free time today and decided to travel over to Mandalay Bay to check out ENK.  But before doing so, I had a very fun panel discussion about using instagram video with my fellow bloggers.  I was not a fan of this feature on instagram at first, but motherhood definitely changed my way of thinking and I now love using instagram video to share the funny things that my baby does.  In regards to brands using instagram video though, creativity is really really important!  I have yet to see a brand catch my attention with their instagram videos.

Anypoo..Mandalay Bay was VERY CROWDED!!! So I ended up not having enough time to discover new brands, but instead visited the the booths of brands that I discovered from previous seasons.  First stop: Capture by Hollywood made

Capture by Hollywood made is a brand designed and founded by Japanese Designer Makkie who lives in LA.

Next booth by another Japanese designer HARUNA-BARBIE called UNITED COUTURE.  You can actually find this brand in Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal.