Guest Book Day Two Kaelah

Guest Book Day Two Kaelah

Wednesday, February 19 2014

Photo Apps for Bloggers + Brands

Hey y'all! It's Kaelah again from The Clueless Girl's Guide! Today I wanted to touch on a social media panel I participated in at WWD MAGIC. This morning's panel was all about "Being Vocal with Visuals." We live in such a visual world and we can communicate so much in just one photo. Whether you're a blogger, a buyer, a designer, or a business owner, you almost always have your cell phone right at your fingertips. Today's technology is so advanced, many phone photos can totally be mistaken for DSLR images when shared on a platform like Instagram.

In order to get the most out of your social platforms, you need to make sure your photos are conveying the right message. So many apps now encourage users to add an overwhelming number of filters and doodles, whereas I prefer a much more "puritan" approach. In order to have a great photo you only need a few things: nice light (natural is best!), an uncluttered background, and a focal point. Sharing great photos is so easy, and there are many apps out there that can help facilitate this.

My all time favorite app to edit iPhone photos is AfterLight. AfterLight is a $0.99 app and it comes with a variety of tools to help tweak your photos. The "Clarity" feature is one of my favorites because it helps balance out the light and dark areas, while adding a bit of contrast to an image. I also always edit the lbrightness and then toss in just a little bit of the sharpening tool. AfterLight features some great borders, filters, and even light leaks! You can also find this app on Android phones.

Another great app, Gravie, came as a recommendation from StyleSmith's own Kelsi. She had great things to say about Gravie. For only $1.99 you can add text and backgrounds into your videos in order to help garner attention on Instagram. I haven't tried it out myself (yet!) but I can't wait to dive in.

VSCOcam is a wonderful tool for iPhoneographers who really dig the look and feel of film/analog photography. VSCO's filters have a really great grain in them, but you can always edit the opacity so it's not as harsh or noticeable. If you want a really great black and white image, VSCOcam should be your go-to! Plus I love that you can see a before and after version of your photos just to drive home how much better it looks with editing.

If you want to do mirror images or collages, Diptic is a great app for that! I love sharing my outfit photos in mirrored form so they end up being squares that fit perfectly for Instagram. You can even edit the thickness of the borders separating the images, or do what I do and just nix them all together!

To turn your photos into positive affirmations or add captions straight to it, my favorite app is Over. I created this Beyonce photo in just a few seconds and it was one of my most popular posts to date (I mean, Beyonce... duh!) You can play around with different typefaces, colors, and opacities, too!