Guest Book: Day Two: Esmirna

Guest Book: Day Two: Esmirna

Wednesday, February 19 2014

Day 2 of MAGIC Market Week- in one word: interesting. It never seems to cease me how many events, brands, and different kinds of people from all over the world are in one place at one time. I spoke in 3 panels today (a VERY hectic day!)- the first was about video in social media (think Instagram & Vine), the second was about trends in womenswear for the winter season, and finally, our discovery & photo session in the afternoon. At our discovery session, we the bloggers talk about items that we really love- whether it's a headband, pair of shoes, or in my case, super cute sweaters from the brand, Elan!

I also stopped by the Glitzy Bella booth, which makes tons of super amazing Swarovski crystal items (hats, license plates, even cups!). It also happens to be endorsed by Alexis Bellino, one of the Real Housewives of Orange County. She was there, and we even chatted a bit about how she didn't realize that if you hold down the button down while taking pictures on your Iphone, it causes it to take lots of pictures at once (ha!), so that was a highlight of my day. She was extremely sweet, and I can't wait to get my own Glitzy Bella item to wear soon!

Okay, so all day yesterday (and this morning), I was dying to go to Isabella Rose Taylor's Emerging Designer booth because at just 12 years old, she's one of (if not) the youngest exhibitors to show at MAGIC. I looked at her, and fell completely at a loss of words when she spoke. At just twelve, she is a freshman in college (I know!), and is the full creative designer for her self-proclaimed junior line. Her clothing is the epitome of the boho-chic lifestyle (for me anyway), and she gave us an exclusive announcement about her stuff that we cannot disclose just yet, but I promise it's worth the wait!

See behind-the-scenes pictures about her life/line on Instagram @isabellarosetaylor!

Thanks for reading! Come back again tomorrow to read another "cool" post about my WWDMAGIC experience!

Esmirna xo

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