Guest Book: Day Two: Andi

Guest Book: Day Two: Andi

Wednesday, February 19 2014

Hi hi! It's Andi of Oui We Girl ( checking back in to share my day 2 experience!

It's amazing how the time flies on the show floor - visiting the designers, chatting with buyers and trend hunting on football field-size show floors makes for an whirlwind day.

Today began with another panel at the WWDMAGIC Social House. This one "Vocal with Visuals" was all about creating visual content for photo and video driven social channels. We lined up the channels and here was the outcome:

Instagram: The big winner for ease of use and creating your own mini-blog of behind the scenes photos (great for brands and stores alike)!

Pinterest: Want to sell that new Radiant Orchid coat in your fall collection? Post to Pinterest, tag it, and voila, all sorts of fashion lovers will find you. It's also full of beautiful imagery and the fastest growing of the social channels.

YouTube: The panel agrees, if the pre-teen set can master the make-up tutorial niche, brands and stores need to tap in to the world of video. All you need is an iPhone and a subject.

Snapchat: Oh snap! Sophia Amoroso of Nasty Gal has found a way to make this channel work! And as the fastest growing US retailer, pay attention to anything this woman does

Post-panel I spent a little time video-ing a Q&A with the crew from 365 Hangers, a Los Angeles based company with a super fun website that provides discount sample sales on womenswear lines. It went a little like this:

Q: "What drink is getting you through the day?"
A: "For the first time ever I can't say the champagne diet."


My last stop of the day was a visit to New Orleans based Trashy Diva. With two stores in NOLA featuring vintage pieces and their own collection Trashy Diva's booth was clearly a show hit!

Here's a few shots from the booth, gotta love that seersucker baby.


That's it for today! Catch you all back here again tomorrow!

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