Guest Book: Day Three: Kaelah

Guest Book: Day Three: Kaelah

Thursday, February 20 2014




I don't think there's a single gal out there that hasn't experienced a total fashion crisis while out and about. Whether it's pesky bra straps that won't stay hidden, or the always dreaded arm pit sweat (yuck!), it's never fun to experience. Well now you don't have to! Thanks to Fashion First Aid, all of your worries will be behind you.

These handy little treatments are small and discreet, but there's nothing subtle about their execution. They have a wide assortment of fashion fixes to choose from including gaping buttons, saggy boots, and even a collection of silly gag gifts (Teeny weenie, anyone?)

You can purchase an all-inclusive kit to keep at home, or you can get a purse-sized kit for less than $10! In addition to their kits they also offer a handy-dandy book titled The Dirty Side of Fashion. It has all sorts of tips on how to treat (and prevent!) stains, etc., as well as how to care for your washer and dryer. Sounds totally boring right? The book and brand has such a lighthearted and humorous approach to both taboo and snooze-worthy content. Two thumbs way up!