Guest Book: Day Three: Esmirna

Guest Book: Day Three: Esmirna

Thursday, February 20 2014

WWDMAGIC Day 3- It's over.

As amazing as MAGIC has been, with so many cool experiences to be thankful for (thanks Stylesmith!), I am happy that it's over and we finally get to fully recover after a week of craziness! The time spent here has given me a completely new perspective on the fashion industry, and I hope that I can come back again soon!

On the social media panel this morning, the discussion was about ways that brands can work with bloggers. I wasn't on the panel, but I loved hearing about my fellow bloggers' experiences with situations like this. They gave great tips and insights on how a blogger can be successful in reaching a brand, developing a partnership, and vice versa. It was an interesting session and learned tons of new ways in which I can build great relationships with brands that I personally work with!

As the day progressed, I wandered the booths once again, and finally made my way into the BCBGeneration booth, where I got shown around the showroom by their PR guy. All I can say is watch out for tons of cute new stuff coming from them very soon! TOO excited! After this, we did our last discovery session with all of the bloggers where we all showed a piece of clothing/any item we are currently loving. I chose an amazing dress from Ducks in a Row (based out of San Francisco), which was actually gifted to Samantha (from the blog, The Brunette One), but let me borrow it to show off. It was a beautiful brocade fabric, with cute detailing and amazing color. I'd definitely check out their line and buy something myself!

To end the day, I went over to the emerging designers hall and came across Love + Leather, which is an accessories brand from Orlando. It's amazing! Check them out at! I also got to meet Natalya of TOYSYNDROME. She has been in Nylon Magazine and her clothes got worn in an episode of Girls and I don't even have to ask why. She takes small toys/items and sews them onto clothing, beanies, and even makes necklaces! Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @toysyndrome!

Thanks to Stylesmith for everything this week; I am so grateful that I got to come on this wonderful adventure!

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Until next season (crossing my fingers!)

Esmirna xo