Guest Book: Day Three: Cheryl

Guest Book: Day Three: Cheryl

Thursday, February 20 2014

So it's Day Three and that's a wrap on WWDMAGIC for me. I really had a fantastic time here and I'm happy I was able to meet so many great brands and bloggers. My day started off with an informative panel on working with bloggers. It's important to know what to do when it comes to collaborating with blogs and what not to do so that you can build a relationship. The key is to make your correspondence personal and to work with blogs that have a similar aesthetic to the products you sell. This is the best way to form a mutually beneficial partnership. And don't be afraid to reach out on social either!


Next up was the trending panel that was all about accessories. On Day Two, I had time to really walk the halls and get to know some brands and build a rapport. So when it came time to talk about some of my favorite accessories at WWDMAGIC, it was easy to pick the brands I wanted to showcase. I really loved the pieces presented by Stella Nemiro, Tempo Design Group, Trio Eyewear, Suzywan Deluxe and LOLO.

Then it was off to enjoy a runway show for a few minutes where I was able to see some wonderful pieces by emerging designers like The House of Perna. I absolutely fell in love with this Miami-based brand because of how easy it was to speak with them and because of their amazing clothing. The brand was formed by Amanda Perna (you might remember her from Project Runway) and focuses on the jet-setter woman who sets the trends without being overly trendy. I knew I had to feature The House of Perna in my next panel, which was all about showing my favorite finds of the day.

Everyone really loved the two pieces I wore from The House of Perna and how could they not? Isn't the skirt amazing? The pieces are made from organic cotton or silk, and the brand gives back to great causes as well like Rebuild Tuscaloosa and more!

All in all, I truly had a fab time at my first ever WWDMAGIC in Las Vegas and will really cherish the memories that were made. I couldn't have asked for a better team of people to work with--both the bloggers and the ladies behind the scene. Oh, and did I mention that one of the security guards told me that a lady asked him if I was Gabrielle Union? Yeah, that was definitely a highlight of the week. Now it's time to rest my feet for a while as I feel like I've been walking across a football field for the past three days!

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