Guest Book: Day Three: Amanda

Guest Book: Day Three: Amanda

Thursday, February 20 2014

That's a Wrap, WWDMAGIC

Is it really the last and final day of WWDMAGIC? Noooo, I don't want it to end! All the other ladies and myself were able to let loose a little last night at Beacher's Madhouse which was SO fun- highly recommend for a fun night out with your friends when in Las Vegas!

We kicked off the day at The Social House for a "How to Work With Bloggers" Panel and I really enjoyed sharing some tips for brands to take note of. My suggestions were to build a meaningful relationship by taking the extra steps to really research who you are reaching out to. Do this by emailing using names (versus "Hi, Blogger!"), share what you love about the blog by referencing something specific, and be concise about why you think working together would be a good fit. Everyone is busy so if you don't hear back, a follow up couldn't hurt, too!


Until next time, fashion lovers!

Amanda xo!

After the panel I scoured the floor to find some of my favorite accessories with everyone for the discovery panel. This was right up my alley because accessories are my absolutely FAVORITE. They easy take an outfit to the next level and give your look personality and pizazz! The hardest part was narrowing it down because I found SO many pieces that I loved (and secretly wanted to take home with me).

I started out at Lulumari and the moment I walked up to their neon, sparkly booth I instantly fell in love. Fun prints, neon colors, and this amazing wall of statement necklaces had my name all over it so I knew I had to share something from them.

I ended up presenting these West Coast Eyewear sunnies, this fabulous statement necklace from Lulumari, striped beanie from San Diego Hats, and last but definitely not least this insanely fun holographic clutch from Joseph D’Arezzo - I would totally rock all of these items on the regular!

I can't begin to tell you what an unforgettable experience this has been for me getting to share everything from the WWDMAGIC floor. I really hope I can come back next season and blog at WWDMAGIC again-it was the best time ever. All the official bloggers are truly gems, and thank you to the entire Stylesmith team for making this all possible. Love you with all my heart!