Guest Book Day One Sabrina

Guest Book Day One Sabrina

Tuesday, February 18 2014

Day one at MAGIC was nothing short of amazing! Everywhere I turned I found beautiful pieces that I wanted to add to my closet, shoes that I cannot live without and bag that would make you cry tears of joy. Okay… maybe I'm being just a LITTLE dramatic. But REALLY.


Yesterday was so very exciting for many reasons.

1. Vegas. (No explanation necessary)

2. I would be reunited with my favorite roomie of all time, Samantha (The Brunette One)

3. PJ Salvage Party!

I'm so happy to be apart of this group of talented women. They are all doing amazing things in fashion and I am so lucky to find myself among them!


On The Floor:

Like I said… I found SO many amazing brands. If I were to describe my style I would say it is feminine mixed with a little bit of the unexpected. I find myself being drawn towards lines that are playful and feature statement pieces. Here are some of my top pics of the day!

This Sister Knits vest. Perfect for travel or, you know, life.

Hit List Apparel knocked it out of the park with this short suit and white fuzzy jacket. I. NEED.

And this stunner of a jacket from Aryn. K. I love the shape and texture. This is a stand alone piece!