Guest Book Day One Kaelah

Guest Book Day One Kaelah

Tuesday, February 18 2014

Day One of WWD MAGIC!


Hey MAGIC fans! Kaelah here from The Clueless Girl's Guide! I wanted to share a super comprehensive recap of my first day at MAGIC this season! I feel so incredibly fortunate to be given the chance to come back because I enjoyed myself so much last August. This time around is much more laid back and relaxed since I don't feel overly nervous or out of my element. Feeling relaxed is a huge plus when you're interviewing Kristin Cavallari (!!!) I know! I'll get to that soon...

Here's what my day looked like!

First thing this morning we held a panel over at the Social House about, what else?!... Social Media! Panels are by far my favorite part of being a MAGIC blogger and I really, really love the social media ones. As bloggers we know the absolute importance of a strong social voice, but you'd be amazed at how many brands just don't "get it." We were able to share our favorite platforms (Instagram, across the board!) and give tips on how brands and bloggers alike can make the most of their platform. We talked about hashtags (Be intentional and use them wisely! No one likes a big blue wall of links!), quality over quantity, and apps to help enhance your phone photos. A really great tip that resonated throughout the panel was to always be engaged! Whether you're a blogger or a brand, it's important to always engage in dialogue with your audience. Don't just self-promote or stage a question with no follow-up. Create a two-way street one your social media platforms and really make your audience (whether readers or customers) your friends.


After that panel I was off in a mad dash to round up my favorite trends in womenswear. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I don't really follow the trends. I don't know "what's hot" outside of seeing loads of people wearing the same thing. For me, personal style will always trump "trends" simply because they're more authentic to the individual sporting the look. With that being said, I instantly popped into a booth that was floor to ceiling with dainty, feminine dresses. Minuet was a great starting point! I pulled a gorgeous white, embroidered and beaded number from their rack for my panel. Then I popped next door to Little Mistress and fell in love with two of their pale pink dresses. Of course they had to come with me! In order to balance out the over-the-top feminine pieces, I opted to snag two of my gifted pieces to edge it up a little bit. I shared the Letti leather jacket from Anatomie (gorgeous quilted detailing on the front!) and a black-with-gold-hardware Urban Expressions bag (they're 100% vegan friendly!). I'm all about hyper feminine contrasted with edgy accessories. I like to think of it as "Ballerina meets Badass Biker Babe." Whether it's trendy or not, I'm going to continue to rock the look!

Fast forward through a delicious veggie pizza lunch and a (short but sweet) reprieve for my feet, then it was off to FNPlatform to interview Kristin Cavallari! I was totally over the moon when I received an email from Kelsi (Miss StyleSmith herself, and Mama Bear to all of us bloggers!) saying that Chinese Laundry personally invited Cheryl and I to exclusively interview Kristin! WHAT! Hold the phone! Emily (also from the StyleSmith staff) had a chance to interview her, too. I think we were all totally stoked. I tried coming up with relevant, but interesting, questions to ask her, and seeing that she and I both have something in common currently (growing a tiny little baby boy in our bellies haha) I definitely wanted to talk to her about that. Her collections for Chinese Laundry are always such a hit, but I was curious how she balanced her own shoe collection with chasing after her toddler son, Camden. As the mama of a rambunctious little boy myself, I know what a challenge it can be to retain your own individual style and not just fall into that "mom trap." But of course she looked stunning and was rocking heels anyway! She totally put me and my tan flats to shame! She was such a gem and so incredibly easy to talk to. I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve when it comes to designing really rad footwear for the everyday gal about town.