Guest Book Day One Esmirna

Guest Book Day One Esmirna

Tuesday, February 18 2014

Today was the first day of WWDMAGIC, and it is still overwhelming for someone who has never been here! So while I look completely lost roaming the Convention Center, I am having the time of my life.

I began the day talking on a panel about social media, which is pretty much up my alley (obviously). Problem is, when you kind of hate public speaking, it can be really daunting. After the first time around, panels are no sweat to me, and it got me prepped for the second one an hour later, in which we talked about what's trending right now in womenswear.

For that specific seminar, we had to individually pick out a trend which we think is "in", or see everywhere, walk around to the booths, and ask the brands if they'd let you borrow an item to talk about in regards to your trend. I chose a boho-chic vibe, and grabbed a some cute things from Revelry and Hot List, just to name a few. After a quick break (and long walk around talking to different brands, snapping pics, etc.), I hurried to meet with Nicole Polizzi (yes, Snooki!) and interviewed her about her current clothing line, Snooki Love.

It has been a busy day here in Vegas, and this is only the beginning! Tonight will be one for the books- we have the Lookbook & Hudson Jeans parties to go to!


Come back tomorrow and read all about it!


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