Guest Book Day One Andi

Guest Book Day One Andi

Tuesday, February 18 2014

Post via Andi Eaton of Oui We Girl


It's official! I arrived in Las Vegas for WWDMAGIC Monday evening and the first day has been such a treat! Here's a quick rundown of today's activities:


10 a.m. Hit the floor! I took to the show floor on a trend hunt to prepare for my first panel of the day: "What's Trending in Womenswear." Quickly there were standout styles, my personal favorites: florals (everywhere!), boxy shaped crops, oversized knits and color everywhere.


12 p.m. Panel time! I pulled a few pieces from new favorite brands: JOA Los Angeles and Glamorous. JOA is newly launched, and is focused on staying ahead of trends by combining their global sourcing with design inspiration gathered overseas. Glamorous, a UK based brand taking their inspiration from street style is a mash up of tropical punch and candy color.


2 p.m. Hal's Picks! First up - a quick lesson in buying from Hal Rubenstein, Fashion Director of Instyle Magazine: "When it comes to buying, take a risk. Sell things that have depth" and "Never wear black to a cocktail party, wear red. Reserve black for dinner for two." Next, a runway show curated by Hal sharing looks from emerging and established designers featuring lots of layered knits to keep us all warm during the recent polar vortex weather.


3 p.m. Discoveries and Photo Sesh! Wrapping up the day, it was back to the Social House to share favorite floor discoveries and to take some snaps with the the blogger crew.


It's been a beautiful start to the week and there's so much more to come!


Today's insta snaps from top left: (1) It's time! Arriving at WWDMAGIC! The calm before the fashion storm. (2) Wrapping up the WWDMAGIC Trend Panel, discussing florals and over-sized knits. (3) Color explosion from my #DISCOVERWWDMAGIC fave of the day, Glamorous. (4) Hal's picks moments before the runway show.

More Faves from Glamorous, my favorite brand of the day!