Exhibitor Profile: Love + Leather

Exhibitor Profile: Love + Leather

Wednesday, April 02 2014

We had a moment to catch up with one of our Emerging Designer's, Renee Tobias, of  Love + Leather to find out what her brand has in store for us in this upcoming season. WIth Coachella quickly approaching, Love + Leather is the perfect add on for your festival outfit, combining an element of Rock and Roll with a bohemian vibe. Take a sneak peak inside the designers mind below!

 How would you define Love and Leather's customer?
A stylish gal who wants to add some edge to their look and be ahead of the trend. Anyone can rock Love + Leather - from someone earthy and casual to someone rock + roll and glammed out! My brand is Pocahontas as a rock star!

What makes Love and Leather different from other brands?
I think my brand is different and appealing because it is so unique. No one has seen anything out there like my necklaces. People don't want to be like everyone else and that's what sets Love + Leather apart from the others.

What and/ or who inspires the designs for Love and Leather.
I get my inspiration from everywhere! Street style, magazines, the 80’s styles, graffiti, etc. I just look at colors and different materials, and think “that would totally rock together” or “I could take that and put it with this” and go from there.  Actually, a lot of the pieces I had originally created were made because I wanted to wear them, haha!

What kind of design aspects can we can we except to see from your brand in the upcoming season?
A little bit of everything! Currently, I'm creating a new collection with a more tribal/Native American feel but adding some rock and roll elements to give it that edge. It will be perfect for festival season!

What are your future plans for Love and Leather? Where do you hope to see the brand go?
I have big future plans! Currently, I have a few collabs with some larger companies in the works.  I eventually want Love + Leather to be in magazines, seen on celebs and known by everyone.  I feel that this style of necklaces can breakthrough into the mainstream and Love + Leather can become a household name!

Where can we find the brand?
All of my necklaces are sold on www.loveandleather.com and they are in select boutiques and online sites. All the information about stockists is on the website.

Follow for Love + Leather on Instagram: @loveandleather