The Classics

The Classics

Friday, August 01 2014

There’s a reason why classics are just that – classics! However, these mainstays can always use a refresh and Guest Fashion Director of WWDMAGIC, Hal Rubenstein, is just the fashion guru to tell women the three staples they must have in their closets. No matter your style, age or budget, the below closet staples will take you from this season and beyond.

1.       A Really Great Coat
The first closet staple is a really great coat! Outerwear is more popular now than ever before because of the harsh winters, however, amazing outerwear has always been a closet staple. Women don’t need to stock up on neutral boring coats, instead, opt for something that can become somewhat of a statement piece. A great coat can be worn with jeans and a tee or a cocktail dress and still look sophisticated and elegant!

2.       Leather Piece
Whether it is a skirt, a blazer or a dress, women need a piece of leather in their closet! Leather can add drama yet still be simple. Great leather pieces make an outfit look rich and sexy, yet still pragmatic for everyday wear. It can easily dress an outfit up or add a little bit of edge that is unexpected.

3.       Well-crafted, Quality Knit
Well-crafted, quality knits are a must-have for women! Whether it’s an oversized chunky sweater or a beautiful scarf, there is something very soothing about a beautiful knit. Women can feel comfortable, sexy and casual all at the same time.