Tuesday, May 26 2015

Today, active lifestyle brands make it easy to go from the street to the studio. Brands like STURT-THIS have created the perfect marriage between fashion and function.  This week we interviewed PROJECT WOMENS brand, Strut-This and found out the start of their brand, some unknown facts and how they plan to stay active this summer.

Why did you start this brand?

STRUT-THIS: When we jumped into this business, there were very few players in the woman's fitness industry. We saw the potential and the lifestyle changing for women. We wanted to be a part of this opportunity and put our own spin on it. Creating and designing clothing that make women feel confident and empowered is definitely the most rewarding part of the job.


Where does your brand fit into the eco-system of fashion or industry?

STRUT-THIS: Workout clothing as a whole have become part of the fashion industry. People are wearing our line beyond the gym. The industry is definitely changing because more and more people in the industry want to be a part of the fitness market.


Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years?

STRUT-THIS: We would love to see Strut-This expand into more retail stores and be a GO-TO brand for fashion + fitness.  It would be great to have a flagship store in LA down the line, but creating and designing new, innovative styles is definitely our priority today and moving forward.


Who or what are some of your influencers?

STRUT-THIS: We love to mix contemporary influences into our line. We blend both high fashion with street style. We are constantly flipping through magazines and shopping designer lines to get inspired!


What are some unknown facts about your brand?


  1. We are a mother-daughter company
  2. Our french bulldog mascot is one of the biggest hits of the line!!
  3. We just opened offices in the arts district downtown LA
  4. All of our goods are made in LA!


What are YOU doing to stay active this summer?

STRUT-THIS: Right now we are really into circuit training. Every class is a little bit different so it keeps us motivated. Plus the extra cardio is definitely needed before the summer season kicks off!



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