20 Microtrends to Watch at WWDMAGIC

20 Microtrends to Watch at WWDMAGIC

Monday, August 11 2014

We’re just two weeks away and anxiously awaiting our August show. Below we’ve highlighted the top 20 microtrends happenings across Juniors, Swimwear, Accessories, Womenswear, and Subculture that you definitely won’t want to miss! 


Understanding today’s trends requires reflecting back in time at popular culture and anticipating the future of modern print designs. We’ll examine how today’s juniors utilize social media and how they attend a popular music festival in order to share WHO THEY ARE through their personal style (remember our post on the three profiles of millennial shoppers?).

  1. The Rise of Comic Culture: This trend incorporates the ideology of the super-hero surge coupled with ideas of virtual exploration (multiplayer gaming). Think of comic illustrations, pop art, and visual imagery (Lichtenstein’s “VAROOM” and “WHAAM”), and the rise of scrawled messages (such as Basquiat with his artistic scribbling) as a form of artistic expression or secret messaging.
  2. Road Trip: Souvenir patches and badges are catching on at festivals. These sewn on patches generally contain a symbol of where you have been or the story you seek to share with others – vacation spots, festivals, bands, nostalgic images, girl scouts, and characters of interest.
  3. Game Changer: Sport-driven silhouettes in playful prints (like Rita Ora for Adidas) drive this trend. Look for reversed sport logos, embossed sport numbers, graphics printed on stretch mesh, sport driven girls (#LikeAGirl and #GirlIsNotAFourLetterWord), scuba tops (Body-glove inspired), techno color prints with blurred images of futuristic elements, the Milky Way galaxy in techno-color, sport trims – ribbed knit (elastic) trims around armhole and neckline.
  4. Miami Vice: Gaining momentum, this trend is comprised of (black grounds with 80’s neon writing) t-shirt halters, the cropped tee (one spotted on Bruce Jenner), tom-boy t-shirts, sheers, denim with multi-color stab (prick) stitching, and flame weaves, as well as all-in-one printed jumpers.

    WWDMAGIC Brands to Watch: Dollhouse, Mad Engine, YMI Jeans, Tokidoki, Mighty Fine, Renamed, Lush Clothing, Vintage Havana, Blu Pepper, Ark N Co.

This season’s swimwear enthusiasts are certainly coveting multiple trends.  After the shows in Miami, we are more than positive that our elite designers at WWDMAGIC will be exhibiting some of the following trends and designs that answer your creative swimwear needs. Overall inspirations we collected include tribal, disco glamour, 80’s redux, California surfer, and Brazilian sleek.

  1. Revival: Take a walk down memory lane with a revival of past decades. This creative pool of retro vibes include high-hip silhouettes of the 50’s, sexy go-to-tie side bottoms, James Bond of the 70’s, and then a flash of color in new wave prints from the 80’s (think neoprene).
  2. Alabaster: White is the driving force behind this clean living movement with this minimal take on swimwear. Look for textured white surfaces, waffle weaves, jacquard, and embossed softer hues. Trims include cream and eggshell crochet detailing and sheer/mesh insets in white. Hips are the main focal point this season with cutout sides, high hip novelty details, and 80’s inspired cuts.
  3. Moroccan Bazaar:  Inspired by trip through Marrakech are the prints and color-ways for S/S 2015. Elements of design from Moroccan brilliantly colored tile designs, quatrefoil lattice, intricate prints, embroidered embellishments, and crochet details on side panel and inserts. The movement towards prints and details found throughout Morocco brings a refreshing element of 70’s style (think kaftan covers and head scarves).
  4. Swim-Meet: Ready-set-go this season sport styles aren’t limited to simply the competitive pools, but are brought into the styles shared at the chicest poolsides of Miami. Sport styles of racer backs and zip-front closers bring the utilitarian side of this trend.

WWDMAGIC Brands to Watch:  Check out the full swim lookbook online

When it comes to accessories, we’ve rounded up our favorite purses and bags of the season. The rules this season are simple to follow - the more unique features and/or coordination (exact match) with the season ensembles, the more successful your sales will be.

  1. Hands-free: The 80’s fanny pack is preparing its comeback for S/S 2015. Around the world this convenient little bag goes by many names - belt pack, belly bag, chaos pouch, buffalo pouch, hip sack, phany pack, waistpack (US) and bum pack (UK and Australia), Kola (South American and Ireland), moon bag (South Africa).
  2. Seeing Clearly: Transparency (clear indicator) is also a must-see (no pun intended!) trend. From pieces reflecting art to moving to a more modern stance with hard plastic and clear colored vinyl, transparency is making waves across a range of materials. Also look for surface treatments (crystals, up-cycled materials, butterflies and beetles, novelty metallic coins, statement verbiage).
  3. Werk It: Professional bags take on a new purpose with portfolio bags for the #GirlBoss in you. You’ll find hands-free satchels for your phones and tablets, and even doctor handbags in this trend. 
  4. Bucket Bags: Buckets in modern sleek materials, such as reversed leather and heavy canvas are key. Also lookout for bark cloth, Moroccan-inspired weaves, indigo and washes.

WWDMAGIC Brands to Watch: Check out WWDMagic’s winning handbag designer, Florian- London, who carries a modern day doctor’s bag transformed into a well-crafted purse.

This season we’re noticing womenswear is taking a global voyage. We’ll be exploring the new lux in casual dressing that’s both stylish and powerful. 

  1. Tropical Twist: This trend has shoppers embarking on a journey with modern day tropics on their mind. Think dark grounds with hibiscus, blended tropical elements, spot motifs with local Caribbean florals (Birds of Paradise), and colored reptile. Details to note include hand painted accents, novelty trims such as shells and sea gems (sea glass), asymmetrical drapes, and hints of neon stitching.
  2. Softer Touch: A twist on modern daywear with a tailored lining, this trend features apparel that’s casual and soft to the touch. Look for brushed suede, crepe, modals, and twisted yarns. Also look for sheers in floating lightweights. An abstract play of gray monochromatic images in grid, color play in chevron stripes, and playful hand stamped motifs also make their mark. You’ll also notice chambray’s comeback in lightweight silhouettes and draping details.
  3. Escapism (ME Time): Look for cheese-cloth fabric in flowing layers, blanket-inspired wovens, Peruvian weaves of colors, and super soft washed linens. Indigo dyes with hand drawn silhouettes and striped indigo blankets, Moroccan intricate prints, Meknes circles and Japanese stylized images of origami birds are also very popular. Florals are softer in nature and lean more towards peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, and raffia.
  4. Retro Modern Culture: Look out for 60’s movement frocks with modern lines and clean cuts reminiscent of Courréges. You’ll see color blocking with warmer spring colors in mustards, jade, burnt orange, and eggshell. Fabrics of this movemement are firm in structure and stiff in movement.

WWDMAGIC Brands to Watch: Beyond Yoga, Catherine Malandrino Indigo, The Downtown Showroom (Igor Dobranic, Gershon Bram, Bianco Levrin, Heydari, Matti Mamane, Indigenous, Jovani, Karen Kane, La Femme, Linda Richards

The culture radar of today opens the door to the fantastic art of fashion.  Current obsession over tattoos, dark nights, medieval, and the idea of “being bad” will be captured through our favorite shows. 

Our TV Favorites: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and Sons of Anarchy. We can’t leave out our obsession with Ink, Best Ink, Ink Master, Tattoos After Dark, and Black Ink Crew.

  1. Hat Trick: Admiring the artistic styling of the right hat for the right moment, this trend features brimmed steampunk hats, Victorian and Sci-fi-esque hats of craftsmanship in leather and lace. You’ll also notice the teacup hat constructed in ornate materials.
  2. Medal of Honor: Jewelry that stands the test of time is exhibited in strong designs with symbolic messaging with inspiration from gothic, immortal, deco goth, vintage hi-tech, industrial engineered, cyber-goth and rockbilly-goth motifs. Metals include pewter, nickel plate, and patina copper.
  3. Printing Press: Print inspirations to note include Tim Burton’s illustration gem “BIG EYES,” late night Sci-Fi channel, a mixture of dark and child-like images, graphics of skeletons, Carmen Miranda-inspired (Banana-da-Terra) tropical prints, decade of the cat (obsessed), and shrunken conversation prints of the 50’s.
  4. Not Rated Text: You’ll see retro rebelling graphics that push the limits with text and messaging. Digital native jargon, code of ethnic revealed, jawdropping statements, and saloon slang are just a few rebelling graphic trends we noticed.

WWDMAGIC Brands to Watch: Alchemy England 1977, Attempt, Inc., Banned Apparel, Black Market Art Lowbrow Art, Brackney Leather, Classic hardware, Dead Threads / WhisperingHearts & Roses, Iron Fist, Kreepsville 666. Check out the Subculture Lookbook.